In 2016, founder Fion became aware there was a gap in the market for fashion-forward garments in the pole dancing industry. Merging her background in fashion design and a passion for pole dance, Luna Pole Wear was born. 
After much success within the pole dance industry, Fion decided there was room for growth, hence the expansion and birth of Lunalae.  Lunalae has its sights set on expanding its range to looks you can wear outside of pole, such as lingerie and activewear. As well, Lunalae will continue to focus on providing versatile, fashion-forward outfits tailored to the pole industry, designed to be worn from class to the stage. 
Seven years on, we have grown our team of ambitious, out of the box thinking, driven women, who seek to drive change in the industry. We believe it is important to move towards a more sustainable future. The exact answer may not be known,  but if there is a will there is a way. As we grow as a brand, we continue to search for more ways in which we can co-exist with mother earth, caring about fashion as well as our future.