From garments, all the way to our packaging, Lunalae has taken a mindful approach to living sustainably. Swing tags, labels and satchels have previously been made with synthetic fibres that leave traces of micro plastics in the environment. Lunalae is now only using all-natural cotton and other natural materials to ensure it is 100% biodegradable, leaving no trace. All Luna lovers will start to see more and more garments being made from recycled and/ or natural fibres. We understand this is a work in progress and we look forward to improving more aspects of our business in the future.




Lunalae’s sustainable approach shapes the entire design process, from the garment production to the final details such as the swing tag and biodegradable postage parcel.



 Lunalae believes it is important to move towards a more sustainable future. As we grow as a brand, we continue to search for more ways in which we can co-exist with mother earth, caring about fashion as well as our future. At Lunalae HQ we have implemented so many ways we can be more sustainable. This includes working in an office that has solar panels, reducing paper by keeping digital files and having recycled bins around the office. 


We are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why we have chosen to make our intimates and active collection from recycled plastic waste. This removes plastic waste from our oceans while saving a lot of energy in the process. 





1.Source recycled waste 
post consumer plastic water bottles are sourced as well as other plastic waste that are filling up our oceans and land fill. These are then washed with their original package including lids and labels, removed. 
2.Transform to yarn 
This is where the magic happens! The bottles are first chopped into flakes, melted into chips and processed to produce a recycled polyester yarn.
3.The final product 
The yarn is sent to our factories and are designs come to life! After they have made all the designs come to life they end up at Lunalae HQ and are ready to be seen by our luna lovers.

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